• Design

    A team of design experts create and design using the latest in design software from D Max Studio, Auto Cadd, to Illustrator. This is where ideas are transformed into creative designs, where each design bears the insignia of creativity yet conforms to client requirements.

  • Fabrication

    The fabrication team is instrumental for installations and caters to the aesthetic facia, both internal and external utilizing supportive and complimentary elements.

  • Digital Printing &
    Vinyl Cutting

    A team, spearheaded by Graphic Designers ensures the coordination and production of customized and creative graphics.

  • Joinery

    The experienced team of craftsmen and artists specialize in handmade handicrafts, high-end traditional woodworking techniques and sustainable modern machinery.

  • Civil

    This division ensures that all internal and external structural changes, are implemented.

  • Acrylic Molding & Other Complimentary Highlights

    A division established to enhance the aesthetics of spaces and also caters to branding requirements. This also involves undertaking market surveys to seek and implement the latest.

  • Gypsum

    This area focuses in false ceilings, drywall partitions and artistic design in gypsum.